Tax Litigation

Accountants and other non-lawyer tax service providers are hampered by the fact that they cannot represent their clients in court. Not only does this limit the range of services that they can provide, but their inability to take tax matters to court weakens the forcefulness of their arguments during administrative procedures and settlement negotiations. The Risenmay Law Firm has no such limitations. During his career, Kim Risenmay has appeared in more than 40 different courts, in 15 different states, 5 different nations, and on 3 different continents. He is also admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court.

For national businesses, the ability to take a tax dispute to court is especially important because important constitutional limits affect the reach and enforceability of state and local tax processes. State and local tax officials often do not understand the limits on the reach and enforceability of their tax assessments on out-of-state or international businesses, and during administrative appeals, they cannot rule that a statute or regulation violates those constitutional limitations. Such rulings are only available in court proceedings.