Ruling Requests

State and local tax laws are continually changing, and this creates confusion and uncertainty for taxpayers. The taxpayer does not want to overpay its taxes, nor does it want to face future tax assessments, compounded by interest and penalties, if its analysis is incorrect. Experience shows that presenting an issue in its most favorable light in conjunction with a ruling request is more likely to result in a favorable decision than waiting for a decision by a tax auditor, who is usually motivated to find an excuse to issue a tax assessment. To minimize uncertainty, the Firm prepares tax ruling requests on your behalf and submits them to state and local jurisdictions. The Firm then works with the jurisdictions to answer their questions and, where necessary, to gather supplemental facts. Remember, tax rulings are only binding upon the government if the facts stated in the request accurately reflect the taxpayer’s actual operations. Once a ruling is issued, the Firm helps its clients to understand its implications so they do not inadvertently stray away outside the stated parameters of the ruling.