Audit Assistance

During a tax audit, knowing what to expect and how to respond to the auditor’s questions and documentation requests can be critically important. At a minimum, it will save taxpayers time and costs during the audit process. More importantly, audit assistance helps you provide information to the auditor so your business transactions are understood in the manner that leads to the most favorable tax results. By avoiding misunderstandings from the outset, you reduce the time and expense of the audit as well as the costs associated with appealing an unfavorable tax assessment and convincing a state or local tax department that its original audit conclusions were in error.

The Risenmay Law Firm can help you manage each stage of the audit process. This includes responding to information requests, reviewing the auditor’s proposed methodology for reviewing or sampling business records, addressing technology matters, and negotiating alternative methods for responding to audit requests so as to reduce the taxpayer’s costs. The Firm has a positive working relationship with state and local government tax administrators, and its deep understanding of government organization, people, and procedures allow the Firm to bring great value to client by giving them the best chance to minimize or eliminate possible tax assessments.