G. Kim Risenmay

G. Kim Risenmay

The Risenmay Law Firm is located in the greater Seattle area and focuses its practice on state, local, and multistate tax services for businesses, primarily corporations. The firm’s founder, Kim Risenmay, is licensed as both an attorney and a certified public accountant in the State of Washington, with both Bachelor and Master of Accountancy degrees, as well as a J.D. and LL.M. in Taxation. For nearly 30 years Kim has engaged in multistate tax services, working in major law firms as well as the nation’s largest accounting firm. For nine years he was the Seattle state tax consulting partner for PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, where he supervised a team of tax professionals providing state and local tax services for clients doing business in the states of Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Utah. Prior to that, he was a partner in the Seattle law firm of Bogle & Gates, at the time the second largest law firm in the Pacific Northwest. From 2008 to 2014 Kim served as senior of-counsel attorney in charge of state and local tax services for the Seattle office of the Stoel Rives law firm, currently the second largest law firm in the Northwestern states. In 2014 Kim moved on to open his own boutique law firm where he can now serve his own separate clients without conflicts of interest and under alternative fee arrangements.

For nearly 30 years, Kim Risenmay has helped businesses in many different industries reduce their state and local tax burdens to the lowest permissible level and eliminate unnecessary taxes. This experience has given the Firm in-depth knowledge of the full range of state and local tax systems, including sales and use taxes, utility and property taxes, business and occupation taxes, and the wide range of other excise taxes imposed on extracting, manufacturing, distributing, and retailing activities, as well as the special taxes imposed upon professional, industrial and consumer services, hospitality and lodging taxes, and “sin taxes” imposed on alcohol and tobacco products, and now on legal marijuana products. The Firm’s experience also includes knowledge of how different industries can structure themselves and their business transactions to minimize their tax burdens.

The Risenmay Law Firm defends businesses against tax assessments, both during audits and in subsequent administrative appeals, and litigates in court on their behalf to recover taxes that were improperly imposed. The Firm also performs tax refund engagements, examining its clients’ business records and past tax returns to identify and recover excess taxes they have paid. It also represents taxpayer interests during stakeholder conferences and administrative rulemaking procedures to ensure that tax laws are properly interpreted and administered.

Of equal importance, the Firm advises businesses how to structure major purchases and investments to reduce or eliminate transaction taxes and how to reorganize their corporate structures for maximum tax efficiency.